Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, I dont' know how much time I can actually dedicate to this blog but my daughter has been begging me to get one started so here we go!!

2010 has gotten off to a great start for the VanHoofs. Chris and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Maui - it was FANTASTIC!! Kennedy just celebrated her 9th birthday and we are closing in on Keagan's 7th!! The kids are doing great in school and love learning and spending time with the friends. Keagan is an official reader and just finished his first chapter book (he thinks this is the greatest thing ever!)

Kennedy is our math whiz - I can't believe the level of learning these 3rd graders are at. It's pretty scary when you can't help your 3rd grader without visiting the math tutorial website :)

Sports, sports and more sports. Both kids are playing ball this spring and this keeps our nights very busy. Keagan took up Tae Kwon Do this year and absolutely loves it. So baseball on Mondays, Tae Kwon Do on Tuesdays, fastpitch on Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday - we are busy.

Well, it's not much but it's a start - I will try to keep up with this thing, we'll see how it goes.

Until next time -

The VanHoof's