Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love nature because of all the flowers and waterfalls, even the creeks and ponds! Keagan reminded me about nature when he came home from school and said "we now have a pet frog in our classroom". Look into the wonderful world of nature. I will tell you, once you walk into the doors of nature you get locked in! (in a good way!) Speaking of nature here is a story about it. It was Keagans birthday and when Sophie (our dog) hopped out of my bed and ran to the door to go to the bathroom I got my first foot out of my bed and I herd a loud BARK! I ran out of bed and saw a HUGE frog! I am pretty sure Keagan invited the frog to his birthday!

The Beach

The boys had a LOT of fun!

The kids had fun!
We all had fun with the sunset!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Ocean was a great time for the family! We dug clams, we also flew kites (both fun) and just sat around. The whole family got their limit when they dug, the sunset was AMAZING! Weather was sunny with wind and we sure got lucky because there was NO RAIN! The clams were big and fat. Kennedy got down on her hands and knees and went down in the hole to fid the clam. (only with her hands!

Ocean Time!

Well we just got back from the ocean! We got to go clam digging and we also just layed around in are cottage. At the beach Kennedy and Keagan flew kites ( Lucky the did not get twisted). The family had a great time! The best thing that happend at the ocean was the weather and the clams. This is why I like the clams this time, because the family got big and fat ones, also because the WHOLE family got their limit! The good good thing about the weather was that it was sunny (a little windy) and not one day there was rain!
These pics are from last year.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well Hawaii was great for the parents but the kids had to stay home!! They said (next time Kennedy and Keagan get to come). Keep that promise because if they brake it I will have a word with them, and that word is the word (why). Look at what they do! Tell the next time, The VanHoofs!