Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Sleepy

Please, tell me someone else is tired. I feel like a zombie, awaking from the dead. Right now I am not the prettiest girl in the world, wearing sweats and a T-Shirt with my hair in a bun. Today I have played solitaire, watched basketball, and that is about it.Nothing much happening in the VanHoof home today. This would be a way more interesting post if we did anything today. Really, I mean we did NOT do anything! My brother, on the other hand, is running around the house like a crazy banshee, also pretending that his taco is a Wii remote. Yup, that is pretty much everything happening today.
Sorry this post is not to interesting, I mean, at least I am telling the truth.
We wish you a goodnight rest and safe driving on the roads.
The VanHoofs

1 comment:

  1. Hahah i like the basketball part! Cant wait for our game!(:

    Love Maggie